Taj Lake Palace
The marble constructed Taj Lake Palace is a pure vision of beauty floating in the middle of Lake Pichola. This remarkable Indian palace was built under the direction of Prince Maharana Jagat Singh II in 1743. Historically known as the prince’s “pleasure palace”, the Taj Lake Palace has since then turned into one of the most romantic hotels in the world.

Your journey starts with a private boat escorting you to the floating palace where you will receive a royal welcome with rose petals, refreshments, and your own private butler. Live like royalty in your choice of luxurious rooms and suites that each tells their own story with unique mosaics, artifacts, embellishments, and ornate furniture. Butler service, bath setup, fruit platters, and goodnight chocolates are just some of the lavish in-room amenities that you will enjoy during your stay. 

The Taj Lake Palace offers an unlimited variety of experiences catered to you during your stay. Whether you are in the mood for a cultural show, astrological reading, sunset cruise, or a private dinner on the terrace overlooking the lake, your Royal Butler will ensure that all of your needs are met and expectations exceeded during your stay at Taj Lake Palace.

To immerse yourself in the luxurious Taj Lake Palace experience, visit the hotel website at
When assembled tastefully, feather touches can add a generous amount of beauty to your bridal bouquet!
Feather Bouquet Touches!
Alphabet – Guests are assigned a particular letter of the alphabet and asked to bring a gift that starts with the letter.

Around The Clock - Guests are assigned a particular time of day and asked to bring a gift that corresponds with what the bride might need during that hour.

Around The House –Each guest brings a gift for a certain room of the house like towels for the bathroom or a teapot for the kitchen.

Perfume Bar – A fun way to get all of the guests involved. Set up a bar of varied oils and pretty bottles so guests can craft their own signature perfume.

Recipe Book – Each guest mails one of their favorite recipes to the Maid Of Honor. The Maid of Honor then assembles the recipes into a book and makes copies to hand out to each guest at the shower.

Scrapbook -Each guest mails the Maid Of Honor a memento representing their relationship with the bride to be. This may include a photo or concert ticket stub. The Maid Of Honor compiles all of the mementos into a scrapbook that is presented to the bride to be at the shower.

Stock The Bar – Perfect for a couple’s shower! Guests bring their favorite bar accessories, alcoholic beverages, mixers, and cocktail recipes to help the couple stock their bar.
While I was researching escort cards for a client’s themed wedding, I came across some very unique ideas that I just have to share with you.
Photo: www.winecountryoccasions.com
Wine corks – what a fun way to show your affinity for wine! Champagne corks work just as well standing straight up with a slit over the top to hold the card.
Photo: www.lhcalligraphy.com
Compass escort card holders – what a fun way to “guide” your guests to their tables!
Photo: Etsy Shop Owner BearWitness117
Etsy shop BearWitness117 offers these tree stump escort card holders. While the photo gives off more of a winter vibe, they can certainly be used for outdoor rustic or garden weddings.
Photo: www.SharonMorgera.com
Fun sand dollar escort card holders infused in sand and surrounded by seashells for the complete beach wedding look!
Photo: www.hgtv.com
I have seen stones used more often in weddings lately. But, I really love the idea of putting them in a moss filled bucket for a rustic garden look.
Photo: www.inthenowweddings.com
I absolutely love these vintage key escort card holders. Varying sizes and decorative details like lace and clothespins really pull of the vintage/rustic concept. /rustic concept.
Burlesque Inspirations
What a fun theme for a wedding! Think Moulin Rouge with lots of lace, feathers, French inspired decor, and maybe even a burlesque dancer (clean version of course!).
Photo Credit: The Knot
A horse drawn carriage is a wonderful way to enhance the memories of your wedding day. Arrive at the ceremony in your beautifully decorated carriage and have it take you and your groom back to the reception afterwards. Or, choose to have the carriage pick you up at the close of your reception, which will allow you to exit in style while also enjoying the city views together as newlyweds. Make the experience even more elegant with extra unique touches like a formally dressed driver, carriage décor, champagne, or even a red carpet. No doubt that this alternative to the traditional Rolls Royce will have your guests pleasantly surprised!
Asian Flair Inspiration Board
Infuse some Asian flair into your wedding with the use of lively colors, symbols, paper lanterns, fans, chopsticks, and lots of blossoming florals! The list goes on....use this inspiration board to get started.
Butterfly Release Envelopes
Create an unforgettable memory of your wedding day with the beauty of a butterfly release. With many ceremony sites prohibiting the use of throws like rose petals and birdseed, the butterfly release is an elegant no-mess alternative that will certainly have your guests in awe! 
There are several options when choosing your butterfly release method. House the butterflies in a beautifully decorated cage and have it opened in front of the bride and groom just after they are pronounced man and wife. Or, surprise your guests by covering the butterflies in an attractive box before the big release. You can also involve your guests by giving each of them an engraved envelope with a butterfly inside, which they will release upon instruction. 

Here are two websites to consider when placing your butterfly order:


Before you place your order, make sure that you read the website’s FAQ section regarding required butterfly release timing and temperatures.
Signing a contract is a must when booking vendor products/services for your wedding. Contracts make the terms of your agreement crystal clear with no confusion about each party’s expectations. Take a look at some of the key items that you should pay special attention to when reviewing vendor contracts:

1.      Vendor Contact Information: This includes the company name, address, phone, email, and website.

2.      Product/Service Details: There should be a clear listing of what products and/or services are included in your package/order.

3.      Service Times: Not only should the start and end times be included, but also the setup times if applicable.

4.      Payment Terms: Make sure the required deposit, balance, payment methods, and due dates are spelled out in the contract.

5.      Other Fees: Such as travel, delivery, parking, overage, and holiday fees.

6.      Cancellation Policy: Know what circumstances, if any, result in a full/partial refund. 

If you have any questions after reviewing the contract, just ask! The vendor will appreciate that you did so. Getting all of your questions answered beforehand will result in both parties having a mutual understanding of the contract terms. 
Bridesmaid Tote Bag
Bridesmaid gifts are a wonderful way to show your bridal party how much you appreciate their time and efforts. Here are some thoughtful bridesmaid gift ideas: 
  1. Jewelry –A pretty necklace or bracelet makes for a very thoughtful gift that your bridesmaids will enjoy for years to come. Choose a pretty set of pearls, monogrammed jewelry, or even handcraft the jewelry yourself for a more personalized touch!
  2. Beauty Treatments – Treat your bridesmaids to a spa manicure/pedicure or facial the night before the wedding. Or, cover the hair/makeup for the girls on the day of the wedding.
  3. Personalized Totes – Give your bridesmaids monogrammed totes filled with goodies like a bottle of wine, spa essentials, makeup, and other accessories.
  4. Barware –Give your girls fashionable monogrammed flasks, martini glasses, or wine bottle stoppers.
  5. Engraved Gifts – An engraved trinket box or compact are both lovely gifts that your bridesmaids will definitely cherish.